Mint NFT as Ticket on Polygon


As 706NY start to transit to a DAO community, we want to utilize web3 technology to keep track of the income we made from the events we host.

Polygon is a network with cheap gas fees (less than cents to mint an NFT), and we want to use it to experiment around using minted NFT on Polygon as Ticket to our various community events.

However, if this is your first time using crypto wallet to mint NFT, we have created tutorial to the right to help you navigate through it. It would be super fun experience, I promise :D.


Step 1: Get a Metamask crypto wallet

Step 2: Add Polygon Mainnet to your wallet

Step 3: Get Polygon Matic through KuCoin

Step 4: Click on the Mint NFT button above and start minting!

Step 5 (Optional): Metamask - Unknown Processing Time Error